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Our Standards

 Exceptional Craftsmanship

In an era of on-demand conveniences and mass-produced everything, we believe that faster isn’t always better. In fact, when it comes to craftsmanship, faster is just…faster. And no one knows that better than the skilled artisans who hone their craft by hand, via the old-school methods that most definitely still matter.  
Our artisans in Italy embed a sense of quality into our pieces that few other disciplines possess—and the result is nothing short of beautiful. Here’s a look at the men and women whose worlds take shape one step at a time. 


Absolute Transparency

Have you ever wondered why designer glasses are so expensive? Well, it’s no secret: you’re simply paying too many people. But that’s old-school talk. At cibelle you pay for design, exceptional quality, and ethical standards, nothing else. This is how it goes down: 
All of our frames are thoughtfully designed from scratch by our in-house design team in Miami. Our team then works closely with designers at the factory to perfect each prototype and make the necessary measurement adjustments. 
We travel across the world to find the absolute best raw materials and production techniques as well as the most cost-effective solutions, that reach our aesthetic, ethical, and high-quality standards. 
And because we personally oversee each step in the production chain – from mood boards to the finished product - we’re able to offer nice frames at fair prices.