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Lauren Arboleda, MasterChef, Latina

Meet Lauren from Food From The Heart

We are so excited to announce our most anticipated blog launch! Our journey is filled so much love for our community, our creators, and our planet. We're here today sharing Lauren's story and how being an outlier has made her who she is today. So let's get started!
Tell us about yourself, Lauren... what makes you an outlier? 
The energy and love that I put into everything I do is what makes me an outlier. I always want to give it my all, because for me, that’s the only way to go! Doing things from the heart. 
What is your definition of beauty?
Beauty is, as I always tell my 3 year old son, being a person with good values, a person who treats others with respect and love no matter who the other person is. That is what makes someone beautiful! Their inside, their energy, not only what you can see with your eyes, but how you feel about other people. 
At Cibelle, we believe that being unique is more important than being perfect. What would you like to share with all these powerful ladies that dare to be outliers? 
Perfection lies in the imperfection, in being okay with things not being a certain way but enjoying each process, each stage in your life. Imperfection is beautiful because it keeps you motivated, it keeps you going, if you think something is perfect you’ll stop there! You have to stay curious and don’t even think about being perfect. 
Do you think authenticity has taken you to where you are today? If so, how?
I think it did! Staying true to who I am and what Food from the Heart is made me won MasterChef Latino. I didn’t care when everyone bothered me for always using vegetables or always doing things “my” way. I just kept going..... and I won!!
How do you stay true to yourself? Any tips or magic tricks?
I stay true to myself by allowing me to say NO to certain things. Being okay with not pleasing everyone. The best tip I can give is that if something gives you second thoughts or you feel something in your gut, you better go with your instinct.
What advice would you give your younger self?
Not to worry, that things will work out in the end. Relax, enjoy the process and let life take you there, just keep on dreaming and making things happen. 
Mention 3 beautiful ladies that have inspired and helped you throughout your entrepreneurial journey 
On behalf of our team, we'd like to thank Lauren for sharing her journey with our community of outliers! You are an inspiration to us and a real definition of a super mom, author, and entrepreneur. We wish you nothing but the best and hope you enjoy your new Cibelle frames! Stay tuned for more inspiring stories coming soon, and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to find out about exciting new projects, special promotions, and much more. 
With love,
The Cibelle Team




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